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Hi, I'm Eric Bell, a business and web development professional with expertise in product management, front-end development, conversion optimization, enterprise-level system migrations, performance optimation, and systems architecture.
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After community college, I began attending Mississippi State University. I enrolled as a Business Major without a clear idea of what career I wanted to pursue. As a Junior in college, having never written a single line of code in my life, I decided to change my major to Information Systems and pursue a career in coding. My MIS instructor convinced me to shift to an Information Systems major after informing me about the positive lifestyle possibilities a career in engineering offers. Unfortunately, the pre-requisite courses required for a BIS degree were offered with only one-half of the semesters, forcing me to wait until fall to begin several pre-requisite classes. Because of that, I decided to continue pursuing my Business Administration degree and graduated in 2012 with dual B.B.A. degrees. While attending Mississippi State, I took web design & development courses both on campus and on my own through online classes where I fell in love with web development. I soon picked up graphic design to offer my clients a complete design/development package.
Formal Education

Mississippi State University

B.B.A. Business Information Systems

Mississippi State University

B.B.A. Business Administration

Itawamba Community College

Business Administration
  • testimonials
I love my work and I dedicate myself to every project
Clear communicator, decision-maker, and problem solver with the ability to make information relatable to non-technical personnel.
His work speaks for itself clearly, but what people probably don't see is his professionalism & communication with his clients. I've never created something with so much quality as fast as I did with Eric. Very pleasant to work with and for that I will continue to work with him!
Otmara Marerro
I could not ask for a better person to work with! Thank you so much for believing in me bro!!!
Shane Butler
SB Fitness LLC
We’re not the easiest clients to work. We’re busy and we’d rather be choking people than discussing web stuff. We didn’t really know what we wanted in the beginning. So we appreciate Eric’s patience and his willingness to let us stray from the original path as our realization of our needs changed during the process. Thanks for everything Eric.
Scott Ross
10th Planet Ventura
  • Work experience
I am a determined and motivated Engineering Manager focused on cost-effective web/software project completion. Adept at fostering and sustaining professional and productive relationships with business stakeholders. Knowledgeable in retail e-commerce, complex system integrations, and oversight of large projects and initiative


Senior Manager of Engineering
Los Angeles, CA

American Apparel

Senior Front End Developer
Los Angeles, CA

HdL Companies

Web/Application Developer
Diamond Bar, CA

Chase Computer Services

Front End Developer
Tupelo, MS
  • my skills
Product Management
Growth becomes way easier when customers like your brand, favor it even. So I help my clients create experiences that will satisfy rather than frustrate customers. I want my clients to be preferred by their customers, not avoided.
Front-End Development
Growth becomes way easier when customers like your brand, favor it even. So I help my clients create experiences that will satisfy rather than frustrate customers. I want my clients to be preferred by their customers, not avoided. My specialty is in-depth experience with newer, cross-platform technologies such as React and WebPack.
Conversion Optimization
Conversion rate optimization (CRO), is all about maximizing the effectiveness of your website by turning your visitors into customers. I use a variety of tools to help maximize your website's conversion with effective and efficient approaches.
Performance Optimization
In 2021, Google introduced Web Vitals which changed the way they rank website performance and SEO. I have become an expert on the new ranking criterea and I assist brands with improving their load speed, interactivity and visual stability.
Systems Architecture
As a systems architect, I provide the skills vital to the successful definition, design, delivery and support of engineering projects. My process is to gathering requirements, create project roadmaps, oversee completion of the project, and finally testing and supporting the project through its lifecycle in order to meet stakeholder expectations.
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