10th Planet North Dallas

10th Planet North Dallas is the only 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu program in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Chauncey Nu'usolia is the head coach of 10th Planet North Dallas. Chauncey is a Brown Belt under Curtis Hembroff who is a Black Belt under 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu creator, Eddie Bravo. Chauncey recently moved to the DFW area with his wife and family. Between his in-depth knowledge of the 10th Planet system and attention to detail, Chauncey quickly worked his way up to instructor at the 10th Planet Austin location and we are now lucky to have him here in the DFW. Having over 9+ years of experience, the majority of those years being spent in the 10th Planet system, Chauncey is ready to spread the system and techniques at the only 10th Planet school in DFW!

10th Planet North Dallas Hero

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Illustrator - InDesign - Photoshop

I was approached by Mr. Nu’usolia to create the branding for 10th Planet North Dallas. With a red, black and white color palette, and intimidating skull w/ Texas flag bandana, the final result exceeded the clients’ expectations. We accompanied the new logo with a style guide including hybrid typography mixing traditional 10th Planet fonts with our own unique fonts to give 10th Planet North Dallas it’s own identity while still respecting the roots of the brand.  

10th Planet North Dallas Brochure 110th Planet North Dallas Brochure 210th Planet North Dallas Brochure 310th Planet North Dallas Brochure 410th Planet North Dallas Brochure 510th Planet North Dallas Brochure 610th Planet North Dallas Brochure 7