Kahili Blundell - Holistic Nutritionist

Kahili Blundell is a Holistic Nutritionist with over 10 years experience working in the Health & Fitness Industry. She started my professional journey in the health industry when she was 19 years old working as a Personal Trainer & Weight loss Consultant, specialising in woman's health. After spending years in the fitness sector, she decided to broaden my knowledge in human health and continued further study to become a Nutrition Practitioner.

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Website Design & Development

HTML - CSS - JavaScript - Umbraco CMS

Kahili needed a website that would reflect her style and personality while allowing her to spotlight her recipes, e-books, and her wellness themed blog. She reached out to me to work together on this vision, and over the next few weeks I designed and developed a website that features an Umbraco CMS allowing Kahili to manage the website herself. Users are met with warm and welcoming colors to accompany valuable information related to health and wellness.

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